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The singing doctor allows that most of her medical colleagues don’t know the “dirty little secret” that she has the voice of an angel and can play a good guitar. Sometimes she’ll even handle the bass when she and her husband, Scot Sax, tear up a tavern with their occasional high-energy rockabilly/country/Americana act.

Hollywood Soapbox

Suzie Brown has some pretty cool bullet points on her résumé. This multi-hyphenate is not only a cardiologist and TEDMED speaker, she’s also a up-and-coming Americana star.

The Boot

"Distinctive alto and irresistible melodies."

"Nashville singer-songwriter Suzie Brown evokes a candid country and folk sound that echoes with a forceful emotional intensity. Her work can be quiet or can be a bit more raucous, but she never loses the feeling of inclusivity that clings to every word and melody."


Brown offers up a rather intimate portrayal of motherhood, but even for someone without kids, the messages and thread lines are profound and commanding.

American Songwriter Magazine

"(Almost There) sounds like the sun-soaked product of a front porch jam session."

music critic for the Washington Post

"Suzie Brown's latest album, "Almost There," gets its power from the tension between its catchy country-pop melodies and its unsatisfied alt-folk lyrics. Bridging the two halves are Brown's charming soprano and Oliver Wood's smart production."

Philthy Mag

"Nashville’s Suzie Brown is a name you’re most likely at least a bit familiar with.  She’s a singer, songwriter, Harvard-educated cardiologist, mother, and, until recently, a fellow-215er… I think she also fights crime at night… actually, I don’t think I’m supposed to mention that…"

Independent Clauses

"Suzie Brown brings a beautiful voice and genre-mixing prowess to Almost There...Brown’s unadorned, beautiful alto voice helps keep consistency throughout the diversity of the album. Brown feels completely at home in her voice, having found a range and a melodic style that serve her well. She clearly has worked hard on songwriting, and she sounds natural in the songs she has written. It’s a hard thing to do, but Brown has accomplished it well...Brown has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, which is why Almost There is so delightful. There’s plenty going on in each track and throughout the album, but the album never feels disjointed. If you’re a fan of Laura Stevenson, Laura Marling, Laura Veirs, or female singer/songwriters in general, you should check out Suzie Brown."

Maverick Magazine

"A cardiologist who turned to singing and songwriting just a few short years ago, Suzie Brown has made quite an impact and you can see just why when listening to this her second album. The songs, all self-penned, are top-drawer. The recording, which was produced at Nashville’s famed Sound Emporium is also first class. The songs are very much like pages from her life and cover joy, fears, optimism and vulnerability..An absorbing listening experience from start to finish."

Guitar World

About the song 28 Days, from 'Almost There': "This hauntingly beautiful ballad is surrounded on the album by a nice mix of catchy country pop songs that will get your feet tapping and body moving. But don't get too happy. Sweet and sadly delicate sentiments make an appearance as well, in a good way, of course."

The Equal Ground

"The cardiologist turned singer-songwriter shines with heart-filled vocals on an album full of rootsy, laidback tracks. Brown beds down in the folk tradition on the 11-song collection, which spans from tender to bluesy to full of cheer....You will want to spin this while you are dancing in the kitchen and trying not to burn the pancakes."

Philadelphia Magazine

"A catchy collection of bluegrass strummers" (about 'Almost There')

Strictly Country

"Brown’s style is a touch of Folk, a touch of Americana mixed with a light country feel and rockabilly...I strongly suggest you seek this one, especially if you are sick of the same old country that is played on the radio today."

The Examiner

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The Daily Album

"Almost There is more than an excellent follow-up to Heartstrings; it’s almost a reinvention of Suzie Brown herself. Brown and her sweet, twangy, acoustic style have matured. This album is simple, raw, and moving, the kind of album that can make you smile, laugh, and cry at the same time."

lead singer of The Hooters

"Suzie's record (Almost There) is wonderful, Suzie is wonderful. I heartily approve."

Magnet Magazine

"When it comes to MAGNET’s home base of Philadelphia, we’ve always been a little biased. But that’s not why we’re so excited about Philly musician Suzie Brown. Aside from being a first-rate singer/songwriter (no small feat), she is a Harvard-educated cardiologist with a master’s degree in translational research from the University of Pennsylvania who has also studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and sang in an a cappella group while an undergrad at Dartmouth. (Feeling kind of like a loser in comparison yet? We are. Like most of Philadelphia, we went to Temple.)"

Time Out New York

"Honey-voiced singer-songwriter Suzie Brown airs the pleasingly frilly, old-school country stylings on her debut album, Heartstrings.”

Philadelphia City Paper

"Heartstrings (Freshie) doesn't sound like the work of someone so green. It's twangier than Brown's Montreal-via-Boston upbringing would suggest and more polished than her 2009 EP, with a flash of sass on "Nice Girl" and a slow burn on "Lonesome Moon." The title track has a Patsy Cline feel and a double meaning: It's a portrait of romantic yearning and a nod to her part-time job as a cardiologist."

Philadelphia Magazine

"Bluesy, folky, achy, sweet-voiced Suzie Brown. A practicing cardiologist pursuing a career in singing (her own songs) and playing the guitar, she's part Emmylou Harris, part Allison Krauss, and totally worth seeing. (Try Tin Angel). Or even just hearing - her debut album is called 'Side Streets'."

"Heartstrings" is a superb debut album by Suzie brown. This album is full of masterpieces. She sings so intensely all the way, though she may never make the charts. But that's our problem. not hers. She's created a world beyond the charts. As Bruce sings, "she's all that heaven will allow."  

Host, NBC 10! Show

"Suzie Brown is a cardiologist AND a beautiful singer/songwriter. . .

But what I find truly inspiring about her is that after Harvard Medical School she had the courage and the self understanding to realize she didn’t need to play just one role in this life: cardiologist.  She knew she didn’t have to stay in 'one box.'"

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Her songs showcase her smooth fingerpicking and clear voice. Some are ballads with a dash of country twang, offset by the texture of lush chords."

Philadelphia Inquirer

Nobody's more amazed than Suzie Brown at how music has changed her life. Becoming a cardiologist - not surprising for a daughter of two doctors. But singer-songwriter? Fate threw her a curve. After Harvard Medical School and a residency in Boston, Brown came to Philadelphia four years ago, to work on her fellowship and earn a master's at Penn, on a tough-minded track toward medical research. So, two years ago, if someone had suggested she'd fall in love with songwriting and performing, she'd have suggested the person was "on crack," she said. She didn't write her first song until June 2008, a week or so after turning 34. She knew her life would never be the same. "It was clear to me that music made me way too happy to ever not do it again," she said. She's not chasing glory, just joy, she said. "I don't want to need to be big success," she said. ". . . Record deals, big gigs, you lose sight of what made you start doing it to begin with.

CBS Best Local Songwriters in Philly

“If you love classic songwriters like James Taylor or alt-country stars like Patty Griffin you’ll appreciate her lilting melodies and sure, strong vocals.”


"There's nothing common about this rising talent."

The Celebrity Cafe

"Ever since she started writing songs two years ago, Suzie Brown has taken the music industry by storm.”

Kick Axe Music

"On May 24th she'll release her country-flavored debut album entitled Heartstrings. Skeptics be damned - it's pretty good."

MORE Magazine

"Her achy-breaky lyrics and blues twang have made Brown a local favorite with serious national appeal."