Almost There

by Suzie Brown

Released 2013
Freshie Records
Released 2013
Freshie Records
Folky, achy, bluesy, sweet voiced Suzie Brown.
1. Almost There (3:22) A warm, rootsy folk shuffle
The title track and one of three songs co-written with Scot Sax, this is a sweetly melancholic and cleverly spun
meditation on the struggle to appreciate the present moment and the yearning for some goal always beyond
our reach.

2. Sugar Blues (3:25) Reggae-tinged blues
A buoyant, sunny elegy for love’s departure, also co-written with Sax.

3. Own Little Show (2:59) A sweet, loping country charmer
This song evokes the simple perfection of a slow, star-lit, romantic summer evening.

4. 28 Days (4:23) Moody, meditative ballad burnished with plaintive pedal steel
Who hasn’t endured a seemingly endless bout of the doldrums? Brown writes of time crawling by while she
fixates on an elusive turning point that will bring her to the other side.

5. Receipt for Love (3:00) Retro, hand-clapping country-rock
Admittedly a strange song to write with Sax a month after the two met and began dating, here the duo playfully
serves up a wry dose of cautious affection.

6. I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday (1:47) Swinging Fats Domino cover with rollicking shouts of “Hey” and a
piano boogie feel
Leaving a relationship has never sounded so fun.

7. Fallen Down (3:54) A spare and striking ballad
Brown wrote this song in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It serves as an aching lament
for the lives and dreams stolen and the confounding senselessness of the tragedy.

8. Don’t Know If I Dare (4:30) Standout ballad of smoky, stately warmth
This is Brown at her most vulnerable, splaying all of her doubts and fears in the face of genuine love and

9. Everywhere I Go (3:06) Ebullient folk-rock sing-a-long
Brown revels, with infectious lyrics and melodies, in the giddy joys of love.

10. Be With Me (3:48) Slow-burning, R&B-tinged ballad
This soulful entreaty to a troubled lover honors the brokenness both partners bring to the relationship.

11. Space Between (4:07) Just plain beautiful, high-lonesome unlikely love song
Brown weaves a haunting yet ultimately redeeming portrait of that battles that wear love down and the hope
reclaimed in the settling dust.